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Why youngsters go for startups? Here are classy reasons!

  • Posted October 1, 2018

Startups are everywhere these days! Commercial world is filled with enormous business initiatives. But what motivates an entrepreneur to start a business? We randomly chatted with some entrepreneurs who are heading modern day businesses such as vlogging, outsourcing, and freelancing.

Online research and chats with young entrepreneurs actually bring meaningful and wide-spread reasons to why youngsters go for startups.

Feeling unrecognized in workplaces

Some workplaces can mean nightmare to challenge hunting people when their efforts

are left unrecognized. Some entrepreneurs we spoke expressed that their ex bosses were very much task oriented.

‘My team leader was so concerned about the way how I formatted documents. Despite the fact how I came up new facts, she used to shout at me and was keen to point-out minimal errors that I mistakenly made. I am generally a person who seeks recognition and respect. This is where I thought of starting something in my own so that no one on earth will shout at me for the way I am’. This was a young guy who now runs a Financial KPO startup in Sri Lanka, earlier worked for a leading Finance Research firm.

Feeling unrecognized in workplaces can be a traumatic experience especially when the team leaders are keen only to point-out mistakes without encouraging their subordinates at all. Such workplaces that are so much into task orientation can go wrong in long term as strategically they are producing workforce that are not engaged sincerely in the work process. But in reality, they are just pushing away their staffs and in a way somewhat motivate them to go for their own startups.

I thought I could make more money

We often hear this phrase from entrepreneurs. Youngsters often chose to go for their own businesses to meet those high school and college dreams to become millionaires. However, this doesn’t always become true as some startups of youngsters often die at young age!

Here is how a young guy from India who runs an online sales business explains how things went wrong;

‘I am a guy who reads lots stuff online and watches videos on money making. From the teen age, I have had a passion to become a millionaire. I am still not sadly! This is why I skipped my degree and I started my own online sales business. I don’t know where it went wrong. It is not doing that well. I am even struggling to meet my expenses. I still hope that this situation will turn upside down and I will become a millionaire one day’.

I am a demon of innovation

Exceptionally, there are people who choose to be different at all. They are often criticized by the society for being crazy and for the fact they try new things and never stick to societal norms. These challenge hunting, exceptional personalities love the way they are and become the world leading innovators.

Those ‘Look at me. I am weird’ personalities love trying new stuff. They can never work in routine and often try their own startups…again as an experiment!

Strong passion equals thriving through challenges

Starting and sustaining a business comes with multi-dimensional challenges. Social norms and family supports in specific context can be very much negative when it comes to starting a business! However, strong passion among entrepreneurs has helped them to sustain through difficulties and thrive in highly challenging environments. Getting business for a startup can be very much energy draining task as often times, such startups fail to get sustainable business opportunities. However, we have heard thousands of stories from entrepreneurs who achieved simultaneously through a series of failures.

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About the author: Mathangie is an avid blogger and the founder of NORO Solutions, a Research Based Business Solutions brand. She holds MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University and BA (Hons) degree from Staffordshire University. 

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