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Why should you consider organizational psychology at your startups?

  • Posted October 2, 2018

Organizational psychology (OP) is relatively a new discipline. Firms have now started paying attention to adapting Organizational Psychology. You might have probably heard about ‘Career Guides’ and ‘Professional Coaches’. They are well-versed in OP!

Simply put, OP is a scientific evaluation of human behaviour at organizations. This is what differentiates OP from general psychology. The role that OP plays in an organization is highly significant especially if you are heading a startup. There is certainly a unique reason for why employees at organizations behave in a certain way.

Employee behaviour within organizations is surely a customizable factor that depends on each organization’s specific case. The difficulties when it comes to employee handling at startups can be awful. Startup owners are always looking for a young talent pool that is engaged, self-motivated and innovative. Hiring the very first candidate is the most challenging task for a startup. Recruiting suitable candidates and sustaining them at startups can be a challenge-hunting process.

In fact, most startups really run at the risk of losing its employees anytime. It can be even hard to predict their behaviour. This is where you need to apply Organizational Psychology. Knowing the root-causes of your employees’ certain behaviours or behavioural patterns can save you from a potential loss. If one of your employees is usually late and doesn’t participate actively in any decisions, then it can be a very personal reason. You simply hired a wrong candidate! If most of your employees seem dis-interested in work, then there is something behind. Even if you pay well and treat them well and still they don’t actively engage in work, it is time to wake up and look around what seems wrong.

Motivational scholars say that one’s actualization needs cannot be recognized without fulfilling fundamental needs such as feeling safe. When applying this view in the context of startups, it is normal that the candidates fear it is unsafe to continue their career at a startup as the fate of the startup itself is not determined yet. However, this is not the case with all candidates. There are instances where candidates love working for startups especially if they possess a challenge seeking behaviour. Recently a reaction of a woman who got rejected at a startup firm saying ‘you are too old for a startup’ went viral online.

So, getting the organizational psychology can fix many troubles at startups.

About the author: Mathangie is an avid blogger and the founder of NORO Solutions, a Research Based Business Solutions brand. She holds MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University and BA (Hons) degree from Staffordshire University. 

To contact/consult Mathangie, email her directly to mathangie@norosolutions.com





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