Welcome to Noro Solutions !

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Welcome to NORO!

I am Mathangie, the founder of NORO Solutions. NORO Solutions is an online Business Consultancy brand, specialized in providing interpersonal solutions for start-up owners, through a systematic process of Business Research and Business Psychology.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how challenging it is to run a business especially when you are a start-up. There are many super successful entrepreneurs who are fortunate to have nailed their own success formulas! They are hyper-passionate and well-determined in their entrepreneurial journey. If you notice, many successful entrepreneurs are consistent and possess very strong mental traits so that no failure can break them!

It takes practice, passion, and strong will to reach this point. You will find my articles and e-books in this blog, highlighting wide-ranging views on sustaining a start-up. What differentiates my coaching approach is that I provide solutions through a psychological perspective! I offer practices to wire your subconscious towards success and determination. Although my academic background comes with an MBA in Business Administration, I have been into readings of business psychology for years! This entrepreneurial journey that I am into now is in my highest interest and passion.

As you will agree, personal development is a buzzword these days. Through NORO, I provide many Personal Development programmes for start-up owners and small scale entrepreneurs.

I cover topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Adapting to a Mental Framework that is wired to Business Success, Training Mind to Innovate, Lead and Take Responsibility, the Art of Marketing, Objective Setting, Manifesting with LOA, Personality Grooming and Business Transformation with Mentality Shifting.

Let’s travel together to ensure that no small inconveniences stop us from achieving big Goals!

Email mathangie@norosolutions.com for any individual consulting/inquiries.